Tuesday, March 6, 2012

REALLY A & E?...*sigh*

Oh A & E...really?...Is a show about celebrity house hunting REALLY necessary?...Seriously?...My how you've sunk to ridiculously low levels since you first produced and aired decent programming like "America's Castles", "City Confidential", "American Justice" & "Cold Case Files"...*sigh*...although, so have many TV viewers...I'm going to personally say loudly and clearly, that I will not be watching this program...as long as they are happy with their lives, I really have no desire to watch, nor do I give a rat's ass what houses they look at, and which one they end up buying...Where Verne Troyer lives has NO relevance in my life.  I have a home that I am happy in, hopefully everyone else does too...Do I think that people wanted to watch me house hunt though? I'm thinking, not so much...beyond ridiculous...I realize that we are in a recession in this country and everyone is having a "difficult" time, including networks (I guess)...but where is the pride you should have in your company and your product?  What?...You can't think of anything Artistic & Entertaining to broadcast (A&E)?...I'm thinking you just may have the wrong folks working in your programming and development divisions...If you don't care though, believe me, I REALLY don't care that much...personally, I'm just trying to keep my shit straight and keep my head above water...reality shows in general, have been force fed to us for the last decade and even more so since the writers strike in 2007...I watched season 1 of survivor and never looked back...I don't understand the draw...to me, it's nothing short of people doing stupid shit for money & very little money compared to a real actor's salary, until, of course, inevitably society glorifies them for merely being on TV...then morons end up making millions like that crazy ass Snooki chick...we created that monster...We should all thank each other (note the sarcasm) and then in turn, kick each others asses (note the seriousness)...People bitch about actors, writers and directors making exorbitant amounts of money...but they have a skilled craft folks, they go to school for it and study it for years (it's very rare that someone just gets "discovered" at the soda fountain these days, like in years gone by)...they continue to work on it and mold their craft with every project they encounter and what they produce actually has a story, an arc and is performed with expertise...now, because of reality tv, douchebags like "The Situation" and insipid idiots like "Snooki" are raking in the cash with absolutely no skills or crafts at all...just for getting wasted, working out, pissing themselves, puking, hooking up and tanning...I've done all of those things before myself...the difference is, some of these things I'm glad people don't know any details about...quite frankly, my self-respect prohibits me from wanting people to know all the stupid things I've done and on occasion, still continue to do...Until people stop watching and glorifying this gutter trash we're stuck with it...Don't even get me started on E! or should I just call it the Seacrest/Kardashian network...I just don't see the attraction to these shows...but go ahead folks...put even more money into their grubby little paws for doing absolutely nothing of value...why the hell not?...They deserve it **rolling eyes** the "Dumbing Down" of society is all the more evident with almost every reality show and "Snooki" that comes to pass...just sayin'...

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